Satellite set-top box
JetHead engineering has worked on the embedded system software for digital satellite STB since the technology was invented in the mid 1990’s. It’s the core expertise that provides the foundation of the company, upon which all other expertise is built. JetHead can provide a full range of consulting and integration services for this space.

IP set-top box
JetHead is an industry expert in the networking technology required to deliver premium content over IP networks to the digital STB.

Home gateway
The conventional DVR STB is evolving into a full home entertainment hub, with storage and network connectivity to provide the whole home with a rich bouquet of entertainment choices. JetHead is leading the way toward the next generation of home networked devices with our RVU server and client implementations. JetHead has mastered the technologies required to securely receive, process, store and forward the wide range of premium content available today.

As digital TV becomes more and more sophisticated, expanding beyond simple decode and display, to become a fully integrated home entertainment system, JetHead is becoming more and more active in digital TV. The RVU Alliance technology, mastered by JetHead, is a good example of the technology that is migrating from STB into digital TV.