“JetHead was engaged by Humax to work on a recent DIRECTV HDDVR project. Over the last one and half years of co-work, JetHead staff performed outstanding work to identify and solve the issues and it was very helpful for Humax engineering team to make progress without wasting of time and effort. As a result the project launched successfully and people use the product with great joy. I recommend JetHead as a strong and reliable partner.”

Junsuk Park, Sr. Dir. of Operations, Humax USA

“JetHead was engaged by NXP Semiconductor to work on the porting of a major operator’s middleware to their CX2450x HD and HD DVR MPEG decoder family.

Over the course of 12-14 months, JetHead staff performed above and beyond my expectation and the project went according to schedule and exceeded the performance expectations.

The resulting applications addressed both the HD and HD-DVR categories and allowed NXP to address that operators requirements quickly and efficiently.

The combination of the NXP HD/HD-DVR decoder and the high quality software work done by JetHead, resulted in a high quality product that will see years of services. I would highly recommend Jethead for any embedded LINUX software project in the Consumer Electronics space.”

Alan Smith, Dir. Mktg, NXP Semiconductor