JetHead Harmony Architecture
JetHead offers the Harmony Architecture to allow application developers to quicker and more predictable port Operator/MVPD Applications to CE & TV platforms. The Harmony API Test Tool allows platform suppliers to deliver a quality Harmony BSP (board support package). Harmony is compatible with today’s advanced platform architectures like Android-TV, Web-OS and Tizen, but can also be built on Linux based platforms. With JetHead Harmony, operator applications (like RVU, VidiPath and others) are implemented in a more platform independent manner and integration time is therefore reduced, providing faster time-to-market.

JetHead DLNA VidiPath™ Solutions
A JetHead Harmony-compatible client software solution build to the DLNA VidPath guidelines is in development at JetHead, for use in Consumer Electronic (TV, Console, Tablet, PC) and STB devices. This software renders HTML5 pages delivered from any DLNA VidiPath compatible server on the home network. It plays broadcast quality video, as delivered through the MVPD (operator) network, with high quality and full trick modes. DLNA VidiPath was previously known as DLNA CVP-2.

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JetHead Cloud Browser Solution
JetHead has developed an embedded software component that can be deployed on low performance platforms to deliver modern advanced HTML5 apps using the Jethead Cloud Browser. The Cloud Browser can be deployed on scalable cloud servers to support the delivery of web-based content to MVPD customers, without the need for new hardware deployments.

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JetHead Remote UI Solutions
JetHead has developed various embedded software components that are used to create turnkey solutions for the RUI Client and Server implementations. These software components are designed from the ground up to be small, portable, and efficient.

JetHead Software Components:

• HTTP client and server libraries
• An OS abstraction layer
• A sophisticated system for event processing
• Advanced Debugging tools (logging and tracing)
• UPnP library (device/service and control point)
• DTCP/IP Source and Sink
• RVU RUI Connection Manager
• DLNA DMR with RVU extensions
• An XML driven Screen layout engine

JetHead RVU client application (RVU 1.0 and RVU 2.0 compliant)
A fully optimized and RVU Alliance certified RVU compliant software for customers to use when building RVU compatible client systems. The client is currently ported to the DIRECTV/NDS CDI API on semiconductor solutions from Broadcom, Maxlinear and STMicroelectronics, to the native driver API’s from Broadcom, Marvell, MediaTek, MStar, Realtek and Sigma Designs. JetHead also offers implementations on the JetHead Harmony API, for integration into smart-TV products.

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JetHead RVU Server Framework
A set of components providing the foundation for an embedded RVU server, including:
• RVU RUI connection manager
• RVU stream control (including UPnP)
• RVU stream server (including DTCP/IP)
• A direcFB replacement library that converts all output to RVU protocol for Remote Rendering
• A QT replacement library, that allows QT applications to run unaltered over RVU protocol on a Remote RVU Client.

DTCP-IP library
JetHead has developed a robust DTCP-IP library for both source and sink applications. The library is compliant with the latest DTLA specifications, including the DTCP+ specification announced on December 15th, 2011. We have the expertise necessary to secure the final implementation on the SoC platform of your choice.

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CDI driver library
JetHead is the premier source for both NDS and DIRECTV compatible CDI device driver assistance. The CDI (Common Driver Interface) is a proprietary interface used as the common basis for most DIRECTV and NDS middleware STB’s deployed around the globe. JetHead has a large team of driver experts who can develop from scratch, debug, test and maintain CDI drivers. This development assistance is generally required by semiconductor companies searching for new opportunities in major STB operator markets. JetHead has fully tested IP available for license to speed the development of CDI drivers.

DSS library
A software only demultiplexer library to process DIRECTV SD streams (in DSS transport format) and play them on standard SoC decoder technology.