14-Dec-2016: JetHead updates Second Screen Video Solution for Frog Turnkey

09-Sep-2016: JetHead video-enabled Second-Screen solution pre-integrated with Frog Turnkey

05-Jan-2016: JetHead Joins The Frog By Wyplay Community

29-Apr-2015: Comcast Xfinity and Other VidiPath Demonstrations at INTX 2015

12-Jan-2015: DLNA also wants in on CableCard successor talks (JetHead demos VidiPath at CES)

06-Jan-2015: LG WebOS Smart TV is first RVU 2.0 certified product. (See RVU Products)

05-Jan-2015: JetHead prepares to launch their HTML5-based DLNA VidiPath solution

06-Jan-2014: JetHead demonstrates Cox Trio-web HTML5 UI, using JetHead DLNA-CVP2 stack

06-Jan-2014: JetHead demonstrates next gen RVU 2.0 with cloud UI support

12-Sep-2013: DIRECTV hails impact of server-client whole-home TV

18-Sep-2012: IBC Awards Honour Projects From Production To The Home

IBC innovation award logo 2012_finalist_cmyk2

DIRECTV receiving recognition for the Home Media Center team

DIRECTV, Samsung, Pace, Broadcom, Entropic, JetHead

20-Jun-2012: RVU Alliance RUI Solution Shortlisted for IBC Innovation Awards 2012

08-Jun-2012: DIRECTV and partners are among the finalists for the IBC Innovations Awards




26-Sep-2011: Mindspeed demonstrate JetHead RVU server software on Comcerto 1000

20-Sep-2011: RVU Remote Technology Aims for CE Device Interoperability with CE gear

09-Sep-2011: Entropic Showcases RVU RUI Technology and DIRECTV’s Multi-Room DVR At IBC’11

07-Sep-2011: RVU Alliance Demonstrates First RVU Certified Products at IBC

25-Aug-2011: Pace Completes Certification of Industry’s First RVU Compliant Client Solution

18-May-2011: DIRECTV launches HR34 field trial, the industry’s first RVU-enabled server

21-Mar-2011: The LINUX Foundation announces MeeGo TV Working Group

05-Jan-2011: RVU Alliance to Showcase RUI Technology at CES

14-Sep-2010: JetHead joins INTEL CE Network

09-Sep-2010: JetHead RVU client software available on Marvell ARMADA 1000 HD Media SoC

08-Sep-2010: JetHead demonstrates RVU Technology at IBC’2010

01-Sep-2010: JetHead RVU client software available on Sigma Designs reference platforms

26-Mar-2010: JetHead on Engadget HD Podcast 185 – Jethead geeks out on RVU

04-Nov-2009: JetHead joins the RVU Alliance